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This web page is a resource containing Java applets that support teaching of undergraduate Mathematics. The development of this resource was supported by a grant from LTSN Maths, Stats & OR Network.

The page is under development at present. Please send any feedback to the authors:

David Jordan, Department of Pure Mathematics, Sheffield University.
Camilla Jordan, Staff Tutor in Mathematics and Computing, The Open University in Yorkshire.

Java applets can aid the understanding of key concepts without students having to learn how to use complex software. These applets are teaching tools rather than replacements for mathematical software such as Maple or Mathematica. They can be configured from the html file that loads them, in that the main colours can be set, some choices about notation made and relevant sequences and functions selected. The html source code will indicate how to carry out such configuration. There will be worksheets (both on and off line) available for use with some of the applets. Each applet will be associated with a downloadable directory containing the html, class files and worksheet files (provided as both .tex and .pdf files). At this stage we will not include the java source files. Please email requests for these to the authors. The applets use the most recent version of Java which means that some readers may need to download the Java runtime environment plug-in (Java RE 1.4.2) from the Sun Developer Network Site. The source files made use of the java source code developed by David J. Eck of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, New York 14456, USA for parsing function expressions. For each applet, a zipped folder, containing the configurable html file and all necessary class files, is available to download.

Available applets

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