David Jordan

Information last updated: 8 August 2017

                               Prof. D. A. Jordan,
                          Department of Pure Mathematics,
                            University of Sheffield.


Postal address: Department of Pure Mathematics, University of Sheffield, Hicks Building, Sheffield, S3 7RH. UK. Email address: d.a.jordan@sheffield.ac.uk
Phone: +114-222-3774 Fax: +114-222-3769

Research Interests

Non-commutative rings, in particular skew polynomial rings, derivations and automorphisms. Poisson algebras. Quantum cluster algebras.

Complex Henon Maps

The pictures below were drawn by a Java applet written to investigate certain reversible complex Henon maps. Click on the heading for more information and access to the applet (which should run on Internet Explorer 4.5 or later or Netscape Communicator 4.5 or later).

"So long and thanks for all the fish."

The Applet ShOp

The Applet ShOp is a suite of Java applets designed to aid undergraduate teaching and developed with Camilla Jordan (Open University) with the support of the HEA MSOR network. At present most of the applets are in group theory and analysis (real/complex).

Teaching interests

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